Good news for Zelda fans as old and new features will make up the new gameplay. Read ahead to know more.

About The Game 

Zelda– Breath Of The Wild 2 is an action-adventure game. Furthermore, gamers can play it on Nintendo Switch and Wii. Nintendo is the developer and publisher of the game. The Players have to play as Link and defeat the Calamity Ganon who wants to destroy the Hyrule Kingdom.

The official release date of the game is not out yet. Furthermore, it was expected to release in January 2020. However, the developers have now pushed the date. Also, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the game’s release will take months.

Legend Of Zelda

It may get shifted to next year as well.

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Improved Main Dungeons, Towns And Villages (Zelda)

The temple styled dungeons and Divine Beast dungeons will probably feature in the Breath Of The Wild 2. As a result, the scenery and environment of the game will improve to a greater extent.

Furthermore, features like new towns and villages will be developed in the Hyrule Kingdom. At the same time, the existing town and villages can be upgraded and developed further in the game.

Also, the beautiful dynamic weather from the previous instalment of the game will be seen in the new instalment as well.

Weapon Durability Feature (Zelda)

The first instalment offered a durability feature in every weapon used in the game. Furthermore, the new instalment will most likely make the durability scale better with the rarity of the weapon in the game.

Furthermore, weapons will be made more effective against enemies and will have greater durability.

Breath Of The Wild

The Shrine Puzzle (Zelda)

The first addition offered players to solve shrined puzzles in a dynamic environment. Furthermore, the shrine puzzle is changed and revamped in the second instalment. Also, the earlier puzzles will exist as well in the game. But they will be modified to make them solving more interesting.

Furthermore, many old features will be moved to the new game as well. They will altogether contribute to the gameplay of Breath Of The Wild 2 Game.

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