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Why Lord Of The Rings: Gollum?

Many game developers usually focus on the protagonists of famous series like Frodo or Aragorn. Therefore, Dedalic Entertainment’s decision to release a game which concentrates on the character of Gollum is interesting. Their new perspective on the fantasy franchise is exciting because Gollum is not considered a significant character in the Lord Of The Rings world.

The game will show Gollum in a revamped look. It is inspired by Andy Serkis’ iconic performance in the movie, but a more evolved character in the game. The hype around the game is high among the fans. The developers also have been marketing the game with much enthusiasm. However, recently the developers are taking a step back due to certain losses.

Gollum Might Be Facing Financial Problems

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A few months ago, Daedalic released a game titled ‘A Year Of Rain’ on Steam Early Access. The is not doing well since its release, selling less than 5,000 units in three months. As a result, it is facing a slump in profits. A statement released by Daedalic also states that the current business plan of the company is proving to be unsustainable.

These recent losses may affect the development of ‘The Lord of The Rings: Gollum’. While the company is at a shortage of capital investments for development, it is trying to complete the game without compromising its quality.

They may face a delay in development as Daedalic may re-positing its business model, but we are hopeful that they will pull it off.

Final Development And Release Date

The game is currently scheduling to release next year, in 2021. It is now in development even if Daedalic is facing losses.

The Lord Of The Rings fandom is hopeful that Daedalic may complete the game on time and actually make up for their losses if all goes well.

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