Selen Gomez's Latest Album

It’s been 4 days since Selena Gomez dropped her latest album, and fans have already figured out the real meaning behind her tracks.

The album titled Rare released on January 10, 2020, solely focuses on the songstress struggle with her mental health in spite of which she re-emerged as a global icon.

However, it didn’t take much time for her fans, lovingly called Selenators, to figure out that 2 of the album’s tracks are about her exes.

One of the songs from the album titled Fun highlights her relationship back in 2017 with singer The Weeknd.

Their relationship lasted for around 10 months, and the lyrics in the track pretty much states that it wasn’t serious.

Apparently, Gomez dated the singer months after her split with Justin. It turns out that the album has another track dedicated to Justin.

The song titled Ring makes it quite obvious about the relationship she had with Justin as they dated between 2010-2018.

Selen Gomez's Latest Album

Fans have been assuming that the song is based on how Selena turns down Justin’s proposal as the title Ring pretty much says it all.

Later, it turns out that Justin proposes Hailey Baldwin, his current wife, with the same ring he proposed Selena.

Since then, fans were seen tweeting about it all over the internet, questioning Justin that why couldn’t he buy another ring for Hailey.

On the other hand, there are fans who are openly cheering for Gomez for making it through despite the tough times and coming out stronger than ever.

Selena stated that Rare is one of the projects that’s really close to her heart as it includes her journey fighting through depression and anxiety disorders and her struggle of making it big in both the music and film industry.



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