Lucifer Season 5

Netflix was the savior of Lucifer. Especially since it was canceled from the Fox Network after Lucifer Season 3, and after a great response for Lucifer Season 4, Netflix couldn’t help themselves from renewing Lucifer again.

Yes! We come bearing good news, as we have the official update about Lucifer Season 5. But sadly, there’s a sad notion coming along too since with the official confirmation of Lucifer Season 5. Subsequently, Netflix has also announced that Season 5 will be Lucifer’s last and final season.

Both the Lucifer’s showrunner Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are thankful to the online streaming service giant for two reasons. Firstly for resurrecting Season 5 of Lucifer. And secondly, for allowing them the creative freedom to wrap the final season of Lucifer exactly the way they want to finish Lucifer Season 5.

Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 latest update: Setting up a divine family reunion?

We are pretty sure there Lucifer Season 5 will have a massive bandwagon of surprises. And that in itself is not a surprising fact as we already know that since Lucifer Season 5 is the final season. Thus fans can expect all kinds of surprises that will blow them away. 

While you need to wait for the majority of those surprises, however, we might have one big piece of information that honestly has been a long time coming.

For Lucifer as a show being all about the devil, heaven and hell, including all of the father issues that Lucifer still has with his celestial old man, God has never been seen on the series before. Indeed we got to see and hear him once before (played by Neil Gaiman). But that wasn’t the real God. And seemingly this time around, the real God is ready to make his much awaited-appearance in Lucifer like a boss.

We are here to break the big news for you. Fox’s show 24’s lead star Dennis Haysbert will step into the big role, as Lucifer’s father, the real deal, God himself for Lucifer Season 5. Thus it is going to be divine reunion too on Lucifer Season 5 since Haysbert will be reuniting with D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), who played his brother on the Fox drama, 24.

Lucifer Season 5

Subsequently, much to fans’ delight, Haysbert will be a part of both the halves of Lucifer Season 5. However, Haysbert’s casting doesn’t come as much of a surprise as it was D.B. Woodside, who actually spoke to him about playing the part of God.

It was Woodside who took Haysbert’s name to the producers, who already had him at the top of their list. So it looks like Lucifer Season 5 is definitely setting up a divine reunion, all thanks to Woodside’s 24 connection with Haysbert. Fans should prepare themselves for one hell-heaven of a reunion, cause another thing we can confirm, is that the divine family reunion won’t be all bunnies and rainbows. 

Lucifer Season 5: When is going to release?

As of now, there isn’t any official update about the release of Lucifer Season 5. But we are willing to place our bets on Lucifer Season 5 releasing in 2020. But not the entire season, though.

Lucifer Season 5

Since we already know that Lucifer Season 5 has 16 episodes that are divided into two halves. Thus fans can expect the first half of Lucifer Season 5 to release sometime in late 2020 at the earliest and the next half in 2021 or so.

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