Friends is one of the most iconic shows in history. You can never be tired of binging this show over and over. Here is some exciting piece of news which will make your heart smile in these desperate times.

The Reunion

A couple of months back, the news had surfaced that the show will have a reunion. The reunion was supposed to air sometime in May. Well, it is May already, and unfortunately, this dream could not be brought to life.

The primary reason being the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. There is no need for any disappointment because we have good news for you. You can see your beloved Monica and Phoebe in a different way which sounds to be very intriguing!


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Celebrity Escape Room (Friends)

The beautiful actresses, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, will appear on the famous show titled ‘Celebrity Escape Room’.

The celebrities have to escape the room, and it is like they are playing against the place. But they have to go through various scenarios to emerge victoriously.

But that is not all, producer and game-host Jack Black is not going to make it easy for them. This will add to the extra fun and excitement of the show.

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When Will We See The Show?


Are you frustrated of sitting at home? Then here is something to look forward to. You will be stoked to know that the show is going to premiere on May 21st. Save the date for some fun and games.

In addition to the two divas, Ben Stiller and Adam Scott are also going to be a part of the show. But the makers have claimed that the game is going to very intense. We cannot wait to watch the show. But what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section!

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First Look (Friends)

To watch the exclusive first look of the show, click on the link mentioned below:

Introducing Celebrity Escape Room – Red Nose Day 2020

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