Every year Facebook conducts a conference for its developers, the F8 developer conference. This year too was just like another year, but something happened, and they had to cancel the conference. The reason is the coronavirus. 

F8 Developers Conference

F8 Developer Conference is one of the biggest conferences in the world. Facebook invites all its developers and conducts a conference where new ideas are shared, and analysis of older projects happen. But how can the world’s biggest social media platform cancel something like this? Yes, Mr. Zukerberg didn’t disappoint us here; he said that the conference is canceled, but they will replace it with locally hosted events, videos, and live streams. He is so dedicated to his work.   

Why It Got Cancelled?

So, the conference was going to take place on the 5th and 6th of march. The meeting got its cancelation because of the rapid growth of the COVID-19 virus, that is, coronavirus. They canceled it, keeping the health of their developers in mind. Look, they are so caring too. All the things will still get discussed through live sessions, and the work will not be affected.

Facebook Needs To Work On Its Marketing And Platform

During the past few years, the number of active users on Facebook has decreased significantly. Most of the users now use their other platform Instagram. They need to rethink their marketing strategy or make some changes in the platform to get the users back.

Mr. Zukerberg is a mastermind, the world knows it, and this time even after the conference got canceled, he found a way to keep it alive. These types of discussions are essential for any company, and companies like Facebook, they become even more critical. They said that they want to have the conference but what is the point of the conference if the employees and developers can’t attend it. 

Coronavirus Is Taking Everything Down

After the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, the world is terrified. The immigration of people from China to any other country is almost banned. There are a lot of things that have gone down because of it. This conference, then Nintendo’s handheld gaming console’s production, everything is down. We hope the situations get better soon.

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